Learning to swim is one of the most important life skills we develop at the YMCA. We are dedicated to building confident swimmers of all ages, shapes and sizes.

Parent/Child Swim Lessons (6 – 36 months)

The primary goal of these classes is to acquaint both the parent and the child to the aquatic environment. They are designed for the child to have fun in the water, learn basic propulsive movements, and feel safe under the guidance of the parent.

Shrimp/Kippers (6-18 months)
Inia/Perch (18-36 months)

Pre-School Swim Lessons (3-5 years w/o Parent)

Pre-school swim lessons are designed to be conducted without a parent. Basic swimming skills such as rotary breathing, stroke development, and floating will be introduced and refined. This is a progressive program – each level builds on the skills learned in the previous group. Each lesson is 30 minutes.

Pike > Eel > RayStarfish

Youth Swim Lessons (6-12 years w/o Parent)

Each skill level builds on the lessons learned in the previous group. All strokes are taught as well as diving fundamentals and safety skills. Children learn at their own pace and progress to the next level when they can successfully and safely perform the appropriate skills. Each lesson is 45 minutes.

Polliwog > Guppy > Minnow >> Flying Fish > Shark > Porpoise

For more information click here: NEW! Swim Lesson Information

Goldfish(S.N.A.P) Ages 3+

NEW! aquatic program for children with special needs. This is a unique program created exclusively for children with physical and developmental disabilities. Class will meet once a week for thirty minutes, and small class ratios will ensure that each class is designed specifically to meet the needs of each child. Caregiver in water participation is required.


Private Swim Lessons

Group swim lessons are not for everyone. Whether your child learns better in a one-on-one environment or you prefer the convenience of planning their lessons around a busy schedule, we can accommodate you.WWFY Private Lesson Inquiry Form Please return the Private Lesson Inquiry form to the front desk. 10 Pack options available, please note 10 packs are only good for 12 months after the date of purchase.

30 Minute Private Lessons
Members: $45/lesson
Non-members: $55/lesson

60 Minute Private Lessons
Members: $85/lesson
Non-members: $95/lesson

Semi-Private Swim Lessons (2 or more swimmers)
Members: $35 per child per lesson
Non-members: $45 per child per lesson

Swimming Fundamentals (9-14 years)

A structured workout for those who wish to further develop skills learned in swim lessons or to better prepare for a competitive swim team. Participants must be evaluated before registering for this group.

Dates: September 6- November 17
Days:  Tuesday AND Thursday 5:30-6:15pm
Member Price: $500