Volunteer Boards

A charitable nonprofit organization, our YMCA is governed by two boards of volunteer leaders. The Board of Directors provides oversight of our programs and operations, while the Board of Trustees is responsible for Y capital projects and our investments. Comprising respected civic leaders, business owners and industry executives, clergy and philanthropists, our board members dedicate many hours of service each year to our Y to the betterment of our community. Terms of service vary, but many of our Board Members serve our Y for decades, in a variety of capacities.

Westport Weston Family YMCA Board of Directors

Steve Obsitnik – President
Paul K. Keblish – First Vice President
Rosemary Halstead – Second Vice President
Dan McHugh – Treasurer
Diana Coyne – Secretary
David R. Blansfield – Member At Large

Kempton Coady
Karla Cohen
Fran Goldstein
Kathryn Gussen
Christopher Halstead
Robert Haroun
Elizabeth Brosnan Hourihan
Tom Jones
Johanna Kiev
Megan Loffredo, M.D.
Dana McCreesh
Elizabeth McKinnis, M.D.
Andrew S. McNab
Andrea Lawrence Moore
Gloria Nussbaum
Dan Sklar
Libby McKinney Tritschler
Steven West
Barbara Wiederecht

High School Advisory Members
Andrew Folger
Alexandra Spadacenta

Westport Weston Family YMCA Foundation Trustees

Pete Wolgast, Chairman
Iain H. Bruce, Vice Chairman
Bonnie Strittmatter, Treasurer
Michael Laux, Esq., Secretary
Marx G. Bowens
Robert Bowman
Arlo E. Ellison
Doug Fincher
Samuel M. Gault
John H. McKinney
Alan H. Nevas
Ann Reuther Onton
Robin Tauck
Jennifer Tooker
Jeffrey N. Wieser
Leslie L. Wolf

Trustees Emeriti
Paul Becker (deceased)
Ruth T. Bedford (deceased)
George H. Damman
William L. Gault
Lester R. Giegerich (deceased)
Mrs. Lucie C. McKinney (deceased)
William E. Mitchell
Allen A. Raymond (deceased)
Mark A. Smith (deceased)