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Aqua Fitness

Whether you’re lap swimming, interested in an adult fitness class, seeking therapy for a physical ailment, or just learning how to swim, there’s a program in the pool for you. Our adult classes provide a chance for you to get in shape, learn a new skill and meet some friends along the way. PLEASE NOTE, DUE TO THE PANDEMIC, NOT ALL CLASSES LISTED BELOW ARE RUNNING.


Adult/Senior Aquatics

Get Wet and Get Fit! Our Aqua Fitness classes are not synchronized swimming, water ballet or lap swims. We run, jog, bicycle, cross-country ski, step, row the boat and weight train against the water’s resistance in a high-intensity, low-impact, fat burning, cardiovascular, muscle strengthening non-swimming workout.

We offer a variety of Aqua Fitness classes weekday mornings and evenings, as well as on weekends, including these specialty classes:

V.I.P. Water Physical Fitness
Join a certified water exercise instructor with specialty training for various populations (MS, Diabetes, Parkinsons, or Stroke patients) for a great class in the pool! Learn various water exercises, walking techniques, muscle strength, flexibility and stretching routines to maximize the power of water. Bad backs, hips and knees are also welcome!

Arthritis Aquatic Program
Ruth Sherman teaches the Arthritis Foundation Family YMCA Aquatic Program in our warm-water therapeutic pool. The class consists of specially designed exercises which can help improve joint flexibility, and relieve pain and stiffness. It is not necessary to know how to swim. Persons with severe joint problems or who have had joint surgery are encouraged to check with their doctors about the need for special precautions.

Aqua Zumba

Known as the Zumba “poWater Aerobics at Westport Weston Family YMCAol party,” Aqua Zumba integrates the contagious Zumba formula and philosophy with well-established aqua fitness and resistance disciplines, blending the two to create a safe, challenging, dynamic water-based workout that’s cardio-conditioning, body toning and completely exhilarating. It is on Fridays 6:45-7:45am and 8:30-9:30am


Ruth’s Senior Aqua Fitness

Tuesday & Thursday 11-12 pm

Deep Water Workout

Monday, 8:30-9:30 am; Friday, 6:30-7:30 pm

Pre/Post Natal Water Exercise Hour
A safe, effective and enjoyable water exercise class for the pre/post natal woman. Class includes muscle strengthening, flexibility, stretching and moderate cardio segments taught by a certified water exercise instructor whose specialties include pregnancy and postpartum programming.

These classes are free with Y membership. Click here for schedules and class descriptions.

Therapeutic Swim

The Therapeutic Swim is scheduled for those who have arthritis, back problems or some other physical condition or disability. Not a lap swim time. Please respect the rights of our members who legitimately use this time for therapy.

Free Swim

Free Swim – Join us by yourself or with the family to swim around as you wish.
Click here for pool schedules.