Safety is a Top Priority at Our Y


Your safety is a top priority at our Y. We take pride in our dedicated, vigilant lifeguards and aquatics staff who are trained to keep those in the water safe. Still, the risk of drowning persists.  Because our community deserves the highest standard of care, this summer we are introducing a new innovative safety technology, WAVE wearable headbands, designed to further equip lifeguards with additional tools to keep children in our indoor and outdoor pools safe.

WAVE wearables are recommended for all swimmers ages 13 and under.

  • THUR, June 16:  Mini Mahackeno Campers will begin to use WAVE headbands.  An OPT OUT waiver must be signed if parents want their child to be exempt from wearing one.
  • MON, June 20: Mahackeno Campers will begin using WAVE headbands in both the indoor and outdoor pools.  An OPT OUT waiver must be signed if parents want their child to be exempt from wearing one.
  • SAT, June 25:  WAVE headbands will be available at both indoor and outdoor pools.


WAVE works in the background while lifeguards diligently watch over swimmers, just as they always do. The system monitors swimmers in real time and accurately determines how long each swimmer’s face is fully submerged. If any swimmer has been underwater for prolonged period of time WAVE immediately alerts the aquatic staff so they can investigate and quickly intervene if needed.

Each swimmer is provided with a wearable which is either a comfortable headset called a Tracker, or a simple pair of clips that attach to most styles of goggles. Non-swimmers wear small securely attached tags called BuddyTags. Trackers are very easy and comfortable to wear. They’ve been tested on 1000s of swimmers and most forget they’re even wearing one after just a few minutes.