In many ways, Chloe Kiev is the reason we have a competitive program for people with special needs at the YMCA. For her 10th birthday, instead of gifts, Chloe asked for donations to the Special Olympics, specifically to start programs at the YMCA.

This year, Chloe is asking for the same: instead of gifts for her 12th birthday, she’s asking that people make a gift to the YMCA for the specific purpose of offering more programs to more youth with special needs.

Special Needs programming is an emerging focus at the Westport Weston Family YMCA. In January 2016, we created a competitive swim team for youths with special needs. In June 2016, our team competed at the Connecticut Special Olympics Summer Games

In September 2016, we added a basketball team that competed at the Special Olympics Fall Holiday Classic, and in March 2017 we introduced a track and field team that competed alongside our swimmers at the Summer Games!

We are able to run these programs because of the generosity of friends and community members who see the value in making sure every child has access to these youth development programs regardless of their physical, intellectual, and financial abilities.

You can help us by making a gift in honor of Chloe’s birthday: