MX4 Small Group Training

MX4 Small Group Training sessions are open to people of all fitness levels who want to improve their cardio, power, strength and endurance. It combines a variety of unique training tools including a functional training system, a self-powered treadmill, a rower and an upper-body cycle to help everyone from beginners to elite athletes maximize their results. Diverse, progressive workouts keep sessions fresh and engaging while helping members improve every aspect of their fitness.


Discover MX4 Small Group Training for a fresh, motivating experience that delivers results you can see. MX4 combines awesome training with exciting 45-minute workouts to help you increase power, strength and endurance while burning fat and improving cardiovascular fitness. 

  • Individualized training in a small group setting
  • Motivation from a trainer and peers within the group
  • Variety of unique training tools with an emphasis on functional fitness
  • Incredible workout in only 45 minutes
  • Located in our 1,600sq. ft. ZONE STUDIO!

Registration opens 7 days prior to each class. Save your spot online or through our MotionVibe app!

Pre-Pay Package Pricing

  • 20 sessions, $200
  • 15 sessions, $150
  • Test out the MX4 program today with three complimentary classes!

“Our new ZONE Studio is the perfect setting for these MX4 Small Group Training classes. There’s plenty of room with best-in-class training tools that deliver results. I recommend MX4 for members looking for high-intensity and big impact in a short amount of time.

You’re going to love these classes!”

Denise H.
Denise H.YMCA Group Fitness Instructor

“I’m pumped for the new ZONE Studio and the MX4 series. It gives the Y a chance to offer members a mix of personal trainer attention, camaraderie and challenging progressive workouts.

Definitely give this a try!”

Judy S.
Judy S.YMCA Personal Trainer and Coach