Oct. 6, 2014 adult bball web



Monday          (Age 18+)                12:00-2:00pm                    Full Court
Wednesday    (Age 18+)                12:00-2:00pm                    Full Court
Friday             (Age 18+)                12:00-2:00pm                    Full Court
Saturday        (Age 18+)                 7:00-8:45am                      Full Court
Sunday           (Age 18+)                 7:30-9:00am                     Half Court

Members:        Free       Non-Members:      $10



Sunday   (Age 16+)                        3:30-5:30pm                      North Court

Member Fee:           Free           Non-Member Fee:    $10



Tuesday  (Age 18+)                     9:00-11:00am                        Full Court
Friday     (Age 18+)                    9:00-11:00am                         Full Court

Member Fee:        Free           Non-Member Fee:      $10


Gymnasium Policies

• Shirts & sneakers must be worn at all times. Street shoes are not allowed in the Gymnasium. • No food allowed in the Gym. • Coffee & sports drinks are not allowed. Water is the only beverage allowed in the Gymnasium. • Only staff may raise & lower the curtain divider and hoops. Please ask staff for assistance. • No swearing and/or other inappropriate language. • Equipment is provided by the Family YMCA. • All dates and times are subject to change. Please refer to the Gymnasium Schedule. • All activities are free for members unless otherwise stated.