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Spring 2 Programs 2017

Spring 2 – Brouchure

Registration is now open for spring programs.

YMCA Specialty Sport Providers

The YMCA is proud to partner with 2 local professional coaching groups to deliver instructional sports clinics at the YMCA:

1. Basketball: CT’s Premier Hoops Development (PHD) –
2. Tennis: Marcy’s Tennis Academy –

Before registering, we recommend that all parents should read the following information regarding the signs & symptoms of concussions.

Signs & Symptoms of concussions to athletes.








Players will go through a series of drills to better their basketball skills with scrimmages through out the day. This program is run by PHD coaches.

Grades 5-8

April 10-13                     9:00-12:00pm

Member Fee:$40
Non Member Fee: $60

*Must register for each day separately



Parent and Me Sports

Parents will join their child in a sports class. Helping your child learn good habits and motor skills through sports activities.

Ages 3-4

Mon       3:00–4:00pm

Member NEW PRICE!                     $80
Non-member NEW PRICE!             $125

Sat         9:00–10:00am

Member NEW PRICE!                     $80
Non-member NEW PRICE!             $125


Sat         10:00–11:00am

Multi– Sports      Wed       3:00–4:00pm

Member NEW PRICE!                     $80
Non-member NEW PRICE!             $125



Elementary School & Middle School Rec Basketball Games

Players can come in as individuals or as a group of friends to play in non competitive basketball games. Different teams will be made each week.
Both programs will be outdoors

Middle School Rec           Grades 6-8  Mon. 5:30-6:30pm
Member Fee: $80
Non-member Fee: $125
Elementary School Rec    Grades 3-5  Wed. 5:30-6:30pm

Member Fee: $90
Non-member Fee: $135


Pint Size Skill & Drill
Focuses on skill development for beginners.

Ages 5-7            Mon       4:00-5:00pm (10 mins of skill 50 mins of game play)

Member NEW PRICE!                     $80       
Non-member NEW PRICE!             $125

Ages 5-7            Sat         10:00-11:00am

Member NEW PRICE!                     $80       
Non-member NEW PRICE!             $125




Beginner Fencing

Balance, footwork and blade control are the fundamentals taught in these age
appropriate classes.

Ages 6-8   Fri  4:00-4:45pm
Age 9-17  Fri  5:00-5:45pm
Age 18+     Fri 7:00-7:45pm

Member Fee:   $130
Studio B

Intermediate Fencing

Beginner Fencing is a pre-requisite for Intermediate Fencing. Instructor
evaluation is required for registration.

Ages 10+  Fri 6:00-6:45pm
Member Fee:    $130


Ages 10+ Sun 3:00-4:30pm
Member Fee:   $160
Studio B

Instructor will communicate equipment needs prior to first class.



Soccer Academy

Parents are welcome to stay for this introductory class, but it is not required.

Ages 5-7            Sat         9:00-10:00am (Outdoor at camp Mahackeno)

Member NEW PRICE!                     $80
Non-member NEW PRICE!             $125




Tennis Academy
All Tennis clinics are lead by Marcy’s Tennis Academy.Tennis Academy. Marcy’s Tennis Academy introduces tennis to children using games and exercises that build confidence.

Grades K-3

Mon        4:00-5:00pm      (Outdoor at camp Mahackeno)
Member Fee:                $195
Non Member Fee:      $295


Sat          11:00-12:00pm
Member Fee:             $195
Non Member Fee:  $295

*Players must have their own personal racket to participate.  Jr HEAD tennis rackets available for pre purchase through MTA for $35 each. Call Marcy

at 203-521-2663 to order a racket.



Scoop & Shoot Lacrosse

Co-ed introduction to the fundamentals of lacrosse. Each week’s skills are reinforced with fun games that focus on the skills learned in that session.

Grades K-2
Tue        4:00-5:00pm   (Outdoor at Camp Mahackeno)

Member: $90
Non-member $135



Karate Kids
Tang Soo Do karate provides the tools that children need to strengthen their spirit, mind & body.

Ages 5-10          Thu         5:00-6:00pm

Member Fee: $115           Studio C



Pee Wee Track and Field (Ages 5-7)

Participants will partake in different events of track and field. sprints, hurdles, distance running, long jump and more. (This program will be held at Camp Mahackeno)

Tuesday               5:30-6:30pm

Member Fee:                    $90
Non-member Fee:            $135


Pee Wee Team Handball (Ages 9-11)

Participants will participate in a game which combines basketball and soccer. Players will dribble a volleyball and attempt to score goals.

Wednesday                               4:00-5:00pm

Member Fee:                             $90
Non-member Fee:                    $135