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Registration is now open for fall programs. Please click here for our fall brochure.
Before registering, we recommend that all parents should read the following information regarding the signs & symptoms of concussions.

Upcoming Fall 1 2017 Sports Programs

Parent and Me Sports

Parents will join their child in a sports class. Helping your child learn good habits and motor skills through sports activities.
Co-Ed Ages 3-4


Mon                 3:00-4:00pm
Sat                 9:00–10:00am
Member NEW PRICE!                     $80
Non-member NEW PRICE!             $135


Sat         10:00–11:00am
Member NEW PRICE!                     $80
Non-member NEW PRICE!             $135


Pint Size Basketball

Co-Ed Focuses on skill development for beginners.
Rec Games  Ages 5-7    Mon    4:00-5:00pm
Skill & Drill Ages 5-7            Sat         10:00-11:00am
Member NEW PRICE!                   $80
Non-member NEW PRICE!             $125

Elementary School & Middle School Rec Basketball Games

Players can come in as individuals or as a group of friends to play in non competitive basketball games. Different teams will be made each week. Fall programs will be outdoor and indoors.

Elementary School Rec

Grades 3-5
Mon (Outdoor)  5:00-6:00pm
Member Fee: $80
Non-member Fee: $125

Middle School Rec

Grades 6-8
Tues (Outdoor)   5:00-6:30pm
Sat (Indoor)        12:30-2:00pm
Member Fee: $125
Non-member Fee: $175

High School Pick Up Basketball

Grade 9-12
Sun    2:00-3:30pm
High School Players of all skill levels can come in and play in a pick up basketball game.
Members Fee: $125
Non-Member Fee: $175


Beginner Fencing

Balance, footwork and blade control are the fundamentals taught in these age appropriate classes.
Age 6-9     Fri     4:00-5:00pm      Studio B
Age 10-17  Fri    5:00-6:00pm       Studio B
Age 18+     Fri    7:00-8:00pm       Studio B
Member fee:         $140
Non Member Fee:    $175

Intermediate Fencing

Age 10+ years       Fri       6:00-7:00pm      Studio B
Member fee:         $140
Non Member Fee:    $175

Age 10+ years       Sun     3:00-4:30pm       Studio B
Member fee:         $170
Non Member Fee:    $200

Soccer Academy

Ages 5-7          Sat         9:00-10:00am (Outdoor at camp Mahackeno)
Ages 5-7          Thu         4:00-5:00pm (Outdoor at camp Mahackeno)
Member NEW PRICE!                     $90
Non-member NEW PRICE!             $135


Pee Wee Track and Field (Ages 5-7)

Participants will partake in different events of track and field. sprints, hurdles, distance running, long jump and more.(Outdoor at Camp Mahackeno)
Tuesday               4:00-5:00pm
Member Fee:                $90
Non-member Fee:            $135

Floor hockey (Ages 5-11)

Participants will participate in drills and a small game.
Thursday                              4:00-5:00pm
Member Fee:                         $90
Non-member Fee:                    $125

YMCA Specialty Sport Providers

The YMCA is proud to partner with 3 local professional coaching groups to deliver instructional sports clinics at the YMCA:

1. Basketball: CT’s Premier Hoops Development (PHD) –
2. Tennis: Marcy’s Tennis Academy –
3. Fencing: Candle-wood Fencing-