Program Overview

Summer – Six Lose 2 Win is a 6 week wellness program that starts Sunday, July 9 and ends Saturday, August 19. The program will include weekly *weigh-in sessions to help keep you on track.  (*weigh-in sessions are optional)

Registration Information

You can register at the Front Desk of the YMCA or on-line by clicking here.

Registration is now open.
Registration fee: $45 per person


Every Sunday, you will receive an email with 4 challenges for the week.  This is an individual competition designed to help you stay on track or meet your goals this summer.  These challenges will cover: strength training, cardio exercise, nutrition, and stress reduction. (modifications will be available upon request) You will also receive additional weekly Bonus Challenge options to use if you are looking for more.  On Monday, July 10 we will host our Summer-Six Lose-2-Win Launch event.


On Monday, July 10 we will host a Launch event.  This will include 30 minutes of  Q&A and 30 minutes of a special Summer-Six Pump It Up class with Julianne!  Weekly weigh-ins will be available on Mondays in our Wellness Center.  *Weigh-ins are not mandatory, however only participants that attend weigh-ins will be eligible for prizes.  We will hold final weigh-ins on Monday, August 21.


Week 3 Prize: The male and female that lost the highest percentage of body weight at week #3 will each receive a Gift Certificate from Fresh Market.

Week 6 Prizes: The male and female that have lost the highest percentage of body weight, will each receive a Gift Certificate from Fresh Market and each pull the first drawing from the additional prizes.  *Drawings will be held for a variety of prizes including but not limited to: Gift Certificates from Health Food stores, free month of membership, free personal training sessions, and free coaching sessions with a Certified Nutrition Coach! (* remaining prizes will be drawn and chosen in order of highest percentage of body weight lost.)


For more information about Summer-Six Lose 2 Win, please contact Shelly Goldman at