Kids Club will be located back in the Kids Club room beginning April 12, 2021.   Kids’ Club is for children ages 6 weeks to 12 years old.  Kids Club is sure to please our younger members while their guardians use the rest of the facility.  The Nussbaum Kids' Club is free to WWFYMCA family memberships.   

Current Kids Club Procedures:

  • Fort Mack will be open for children 4+ (no shoes; socks required).
  • No reservation required but, space is limited.
  • Time limit per day of 1 hour 15 minutes per day.
  • All children over 3 are required to wear a mask.  Staff are required to wear masks.
  • Children will sanitize their hands upon entering Kids Club.
  • Please sign in and take an assigned pager so we can contact you if necessary.
  • Parents will be paged for any toileting needs.
  • Drinks only are allowed. All cups/bottles must be labeled.
  • We supply age-appropriate activities. Older children are encouraged to bring some of their own entertainment.
  • Children that are teething must bring their own toy as we will not allow children to put equipment in their mouths.
  • Toys and equipment will be frequently cleaned by staff


  • Free to Family Memberships
  • $10 per visit all others


  • Monday - Friday
    • 9:00am-1:00pm


Children may be in the room for up to 1 hour and 15 minutes per day; guardians must remain in the building at all times. On weekends, and days where there is no school, there is a time limit of 1 hr and 15 minutes.  Please be sure to list where you will be when signing in your child. The Nussbaum Kids' Club is full of exciting things and supervised by our great YMCA staff. Parents are asked to sign their children into the room and then leave to use the rest of the Y. Parents and guardians must be using part of the YMCA facility while their child is in Kids Club. When dropping off, parents must wait for a staff member to greet them and must sign their child into the room. Staff may not sign children in for the parents. Parents must also sign out their child and let the staff know they are leaving. If the person picking up is different from the person who dropped the child off, you must let the staff know of the change at drop off. The person picking up must show a form of ID. Please remember there must always be a guardian in the building.


For more information about the Nussbaum Kids’ Club, please contact Shannon Connors at 203-226-8981, ext. 119 or


For questions about membership, to join or reactivate, please contact Brian Marazzi, Membership Director: 203.226.8981