For an employee who does exceptional work, and consistently goes above and beyond—in quality and quantity of their work—to elevate our members’ experience and to generate good will for the Y.

Angi Cubi, Membership & Childcare
Angi is hard-working, upbeat, and the ultimate volunteer. Whether welcoming members at an opening shift, dressing up as Elsa for Kids Club, or leading interesting STEAM projects for children enrolled in our after school programs, she is an invaluable member of our Y team.

Ezequiel Silva, Wellness Center
While Ezequiel mostly works in our Wellness Center, he regularly helps out across many departments at the Y. His positive attitude and commitment to delivering an excellent member experience is noteworthy.

This employee makes every effort to include individuals of different backgrounds, abilities, and opinions. They work cooperatively with others, promote healthy living and well-being for all our members, and strongly support and empower children and teens through positive behavior and responsible choices.

Judy Klein, Health & Wellness Director
Judy’s genuine interest in others, her love of learning, and her desire to make the world a better place energized her to find ways to bring essential programs such as LIVESTRONG at the YMCA to our Y. She’s a team player who inspires the same in those with whom she works.

Paul Watson, Childcare & Kids Club
Paul is kind, warm, and welcoming of all he interacts with. He is wonderful with children of all ages and trusted by parents. He always volunteers to lend a helping hand and regularly encourages teenage members to volunteer or work at the Y.

For an employee with outstanding performance who, while understanding and working to achieve our mission, actively embraces new ideas and challenges, and develops strong positive relationships with staff, members and parents.

Alison Ligi, Dance Director
Allison has breathed new life into the dance program creating many joyful dancers and satisfied parents. She is self-motivated, creative, resourceful, and dependable, and always willing to take on new challenges. Her attitude and smile make her an easy person to work with and to learn from.

This employee has developed outstanding member, volunteer, and staff relationships at the Y. They have also gone the extra mile to advance these relationships … retaining members, developing children, supporting peers, and consistently advancing inclusivity.

Josephine Rojas, Aquatics Director
Josephine embodies the Y’s values in action: caring, honest, respect and responsibility.
She listens with an open heart and strives to resolve all concerns seamlessly. It’s no surprise that she’s the employee who regularly and frequently receives the most number of complimentary emails from members.