MON-FRI | 8:30AM – 3:00PM

Camp Special Cares is designed for children who need a 1:1 aide for camp. The counselors who serve as a 1:1 aide will assist children in navigating the camp day. Counselors will help with transitions, changing, participating in activities and making their way around the facility.

Camp provided aides are typically staff who are studying special education, or have interest or experience in working with individuals with special needs. Staff provided are not trained professionals in the special needs field. Please contact us to discuss Mahackeno Special Cares is a good fit for your child. We want all of our campers to have a successful, safe, and nurturing summer.

Campers joining camp with their own outside aid do not need to register for the special cares program. Please be sure to contact camp if your camper will be accompanied by their own aid.


Part of the philosophy guiding Special Olympics programming is that the cost of the program does not fall to the athletes’ or their families. We rely on the generosity of the community at-large to provide quality staffing, equipment, and facilities for our athletes. With your help, we ensure that our Aquatics Team can continue to practice year-round, and it also allows us the ability to add more programs and services to youth and adults with special needs. Ultimately, our goal is to provide an adaptive option for every program we offer at the YMCA.

If you would like to be part of the group that ensures our athletes’ the ability to be a part of a team, please consider donating.