Welcome to the world of Keyless1 locker locks! At our facility, you can enjoy the convenience of accessing lockers without the need for keys. Follow these simple steps to use our Keyless1 locks:

  1. Select Your Locker: Choose an available locker equipped with the Keyless1 lock system.
  2. Create Your Personal Code: Before using the locker for the first time, set up your unique personal code. Press the “P” button on the lock keypad and enter a memorable code of your choice.
  3. Locking Your Locker: After placing your belongings inside, close the locker door and simply press the lock button on the keypad. Your locker is securely locked with your chosen code.
  4. Unlocking Your Locker: To access your locker later, return to your locker and enter your personal code on the keypad. Press the “Unlock” button, and the locker will open for you.

Enjoy the ease and security of Keyless1 locker locks during your visit! For a visual guide on using our Keyless1 locks, watch the instructional video below. Experience the future of locker technology with us—no keys required!