Dear Valued Members and Friends of the Y,

Happy Summer! We hope you are well and enjoying the many wonderful things our Y has to offer at the Mahackeno Outdoor Center, summer camp, and in the Bedford Family Center. I would like to express my heartfelt gratitude for your continued loyalty and support. Thanks to your unwavering commitment, our YMCA is growing stronger every day.

As we continue to thrive, we have reached an exciting yet challenging milestone, the 12,500 membership cap as established by the Planning and Zoning Commission (resolution #08–057, amended), which has required us to make changes to membership operations and implement a membership waitlist. Given that the mission of our Y is to welcome and serve all who walk through our doors, we are sorry to disappoint potential new members who want to belong to our vibrant community with the waitlist process. Please be assured, we remain committed to providing you with the best experience and we will be diligent in managing the waitlist so that we can make as many of you a part of our Y family as quickly as is possible.

In anticipation of questions, we put together the following details about how the membership cap may impact you and prospective members interested in joining our Y.

Current members
If you and/or your family hold a current, active WWFY membership there is no direct impact on your membership with the exception of any future membership changes you may require, like those listed below.

Canceling your membership
Should you decide to cancel your WWFY membership, your ability to rejoin the WWFY at a future date will depend on the number of prospective members ahead of you on the waitlist (i.e., individuals who waiting to join or rejoin the WWFY).

Membership holds
Current members will continue to have the option to place their WWFY membership on hold for up to three (3) calendar months per year. Hold fees will now be 50% of the regular monthly membership rate for any non-medical related hold requests, and $20 per month for medical-related hold requests with a doctor’s note.

Upgrading your membership
Current members who may want to upgrade to a higher level of membership (e.g., from a youth to a family membership) will need to (1) complete the necessary forms, (2) will be placed on the wait list and (3) will be notified when a membership spot becomes available.

Adding new members to a membership unit
Family members that want to add additional individuals to their membership unit will need to (1) complete the necessary forms to add the person to their account, (2) the additional person will be placed on the waitlist, and (3) the primary member will be notified when a membership spot becomes available. Family members whose address does not match that of the membership unit will have to show proof of address that matches the primary member as only those that reside within the same household can share a membership.

Prospective members
Prospective members, including those intending to join for the first time or former members intending to rejoin the WWFY, must (1) complete a request to join the waitlist, (2) will be placed on the waitlist (3) will be notified when an opening become available. Once a spot becomes available, prospective members will be provided 3 business days from the time of notification to confirm and activate their membership.

For complete details, please view our Membership Waitlist FAQ.

Thank you again for being an integral part of our Y family. We appreciate that you are part of the solution to keep our community healthy in spirit, mind, and body.

Should you have questions about your membership at this time, please contact Brian Marazzi, Membership Director, at or (203)226-8982.

Warm regards,

Anjali McCormick

Anjali McCormick