The YMCA Wellness Corner is a collection of resources for those who have just completed our FitSTART program or for any member looking for ways to help improve their health and wellness! This page allows you to continue your education and can help answer questions you may have. The YMCA Wellness Corner provides information and tips about relevant fitness, nutrition and recovery topics to help you reach your wellness goals!


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Body Composition 101 Why is knowing our body composition so important? Learn 3 ways to estimate your body composition!




How to Gauge the Intensity of Your Workouts Working out at the correct intensity can help you get the most out of your workout session. Learn different ways to gauge your intensity to help you reach your fitness goals!




Basics of Interval Training What is interval training and how is it beneficial? Use this as a guide to create your own interval training workouts!




Youth Fitness Q & A with Anthony Scire Get insight and advice from Anthony Scire. Certified International Youth Conditioning/Agility Specialist. Learn about his philosophy and why it’s so important to keep kids having fun in youth fitness programs and sports!



Is Personal Training Right for Me? You’ve tried Group Fitness, your own routines, and even working out with your friends.  What’s the next step?  Is personal training right for you?




How to Break the Habit of Overeating After a Workout Do you ever find yourself eating too much after a workout? Read these tips for healthy refueling to help you break this habit!



9 Tricks to Eating Healthier What are the best tricks for eating better? Turning to science may be the best way to learn! Here are 9 tricks that the Food &  Brand Lab at Cornell University have found proven to help you eat better!



Don’t Forget to HYDRATE! Do you know how much water you should be drinking a day? Read these tips to increase your water intake!




3 Tips for Reducing Stress Learn about the science of stress and how to lower your stress levels!




Stretching Guidelines Want to improve your flexibility? Learn how to incorporate dynamic and static stretching into your workout routine!



foam-rolling-101Foam Rolling 101 Foam rolling is a popular recovery technique great for after a hard workout! Learn which foam roller is right for you and how to use it!