Cardiovascular equipment includes:

  • 17 Matrix Treadmills
  • 7 Matrix Ellipticals
  • 3 LifeFitness Ellipticals
  • 7 Matrix Ascent Trainers
  • 4 Matrix Recumbent Bicycles
  • 4 Matrix Upright Bicycles
  • 3 Espresso HD Upright Bicycles
  • 1 Espresso HD Recumbent Bicycle
  • 2 Matrix Rowers
  • 2 True Lateral Trainers
  • 1 Octane Lateral Trainer
  • 2 True Stair Climbers

Strength Training equipment includes:

  • Full Circuit of Matrix Variable Resistance Machines
  • 10 Matrix Plate Loading Machines
  • Matrix Smith Machine
  • Extensive Free Weight Benches, Barbells, & Dumbbells
  • Medicine Balls & Kettlebells



The Zone is a 1600 square foot functional training studio with specialized equipment that prepares your body for real-life movements and activities.  Functional fitness activities train your muscles to work together to perform daily tasks like squatting, pushing, pulling, and bending, or sports-specific movements.

Equipment in the Zone includes:

  • 2 Matrix Squat Racks
  • 2 Heavy Bags
  • 2 Krankcycles
  • 2 Matrix Rowers
  • 2 Matrix S-Drive Performance Trainers
  • 2 Matrix Connexus Functional Training Systems
  • Medicine Balls
  • Kettlebells



The New Year is a time when many people come to places like the YMCA to get their year off to a healthy start.

Dates: January 1-February 25
Days: All Saturdays & Sundays from open-12:00pm; National Holidays; School delays & cancellations
Note: Wellness Coaches may determine the Wellness Center to be at Peak Hours when there are no longer available cardio machines of any one type.

To manage the number of people we expect, the following rules will be in place during peak hours:

  • All cardio machines have a 30-minute limit. Wellness Coaches will monitor usage and may ask you to end your session at the 30 minute mark to ensure that all members get an opportunity to complete their cardio exercise.
  • Children ages 13 & younger are not permitted in the Wellness Center during peak hours. Members ages 14 & older may use the facility, but all members ages 13 & younger must wait until peak hours are over to enter the Wellness Center. This rule is in effect even for Fit Family members and youth who are with an adult to supervise them.
  • All personal belongings must be kept in a locker. If your belongings (including bags, coats, hats, sweatshirts, etc.) are left on the Wellness Center ground or machinery, a Wellness Coach will ask you to move them to a locker. If you need instruction on how to use our lockers, please ask any Member Services Staff or Wellness Coach for assistance.



Please take a moment to review our policies before using the facility: