• 18 treadmills
  • 15 ellipticals
  • 9 exercise bikes (including 5 Expresso HD bikes)
  • 3 Keiser M3+ cycles
  • 2 rowers
  • 1 arm bike
  • Cardio consoles that can be used as televisions and internet devices
  • Full handicap accessibility
  • Full Wifi access
  • 5 large TV monitors to broadcast throughout the Wellness Center
  • A private room for fitness assessments


As a part of your membership, you will receive the following services:


FitSTART is a complimentary 6-week program for Family Y members ages 16 and older that is designed you get you on the RIGHT wellness track the RIGHT way. Over the 6 weeks, a Family Y Wellness Coach will lead you through a progressive program centered on nutrition, strength training, cardiovascular health and stress-management.

Each weekly meeting with your Wellness Coach will include follow-up from your progress in the past week, new exercise recommendations, and a set of challenges for the week to come.  You can sign up for your first appointment with a Wellness Coach at the Wellness Desk today, or by calling 203-226-8981 ext. 103.

Wellness Center Equipment Orientation

Our Wellness Coaches will show you how to safely use our strength and cardio equipment, they will point you toward the right machines to give you a full body workout, and will show you how to track your progress. You can sign up for an Equipment Orientation with a Wellness Coach at the Wellness Desk today, or by calling 203-226-8981 ext. 103.

Fit Family Program

If your children are interested in using the Wellness Center and are between the ages of 10 and 13, you must first sign up for the Fit Family Program. Under the instruction of a Family YMCA Wellness Coach, you and your child will go through age-appropriate orientations on our fitness equipment. Upon completion of the Fit Family Program, children ages 10-13 will be allowed to use the Wellness Center facilities under the direct supervision of a parent/guardian at all times. The equipment that will be covered in the Fit Family Program is as follows:

Ages 10-11

Only cardio equipment will be covered.  This may include treadmills, ellipticals, exercise bikes, indoor cycles, stair climbers and rowing machines, depending on the child’s interest.

Ages 12-13

Cardio equipment (as listed above) and strength equipment will be covered.  Strength equipment orientations will include LifeFitness Insignia selectorized equipment only (no free weights).

Please note: if more than one child would like to go through the Fit Family Program at one time, two appointments may be necessary to fully complete the program.  Appointments are made at the Wellness Desk or by calling 203-226-8981 ext. 103


To ensure the safety of our youth and teens, the following policies will apply:

  • Members ages 14 and older are permitted to use the Wellness Center without a parent/legal guardian, but are strongly encouraged to take advantage of their complimentary equipment orientation to learn proper technique on all equipment.
  • Members ages 10-13 years are welcome to use the Wellness Center only after completing the Fit Family Program with their parent/legal guardian.  Parent/guardian must directly supervise children in this age group at all times.
  • All youth/teens are expected to follow posted rules, as they apply to all age groups in the YMCA.

Please be aware that between January 1 and April 30, children under the age of 14 are not permitted in the Wellness Center on Saturdays until 12:00 pm.  This regulation is subject to change with advanced notice.


  • Members may not talk on their cell phones on the Wellness Center floor.
  • Bags or coats are not allowed on the Wellness Center floor, on or in between equipment, or on ledges.  All belongings must be placed in provided kit lockers or locker rooms.
  • Athletic attire is strongly preferred.  Open toed shoes, sandals, clogs, dress shoes, bare feet, jeans, cargo shorts, sports bras worn as outerwear are not permitted.
  • All machines must be wiped down with GymWipes after use.  Please do not wipe the touch screens. Our staff use special cloths for these.
  • All weights must be re-racked after use.
  • When all machines of a given type are in use and members are waiting for equipment, a 30-minute time limit will be enforced.  We greatly appreciate your cooperation.
  • Fitness training of individuals or groups is not permitted unless conducted by a YMCA Personal Trainer.

Wellness Center Peak Hours Info

The New Year is a time when many people come to places like the YMCA to get their year off to a healthy start. To manage the number of people we expect, the following rules will be in place during peak hours:

1. All cardio machines have a 30-minute limit.

Wellness Coaches will monitor usage and may ask you to end your session at the 30 minute mark to ensure that all members get an opportunity to complete their cardio exercise.

2. Children ages 13 & younger are not permitted in the Wellness Center during peak hours.

Members ages 14 & older may use the facility, but all members ages 13 & younger must wait until peak hours are over to enter the Wellness Center. This rule is in effect even for Fit Family members and youth who are with an adult to supervise them.

3. All personal belongings must be kept in a locker.

If your belongings (including bags, coats, hats, sweatshirts, etc.) are left on the Wellness Center ground or machinery, a Wellness Coach will ask you to move them to a locker. If you need instruction on how to use our lockers, please ask any Member Services Staff or Wellness Coach for assistance.


Days:     Saturday & Sunday
Times:  Open-12:00pm
Dates:   January 1-April 29
Holidays:  All national holidays (including MLK Day & President’s Day
Note:     Wellness Coaches may determine the Wellness Center to be at Peak Hours when there are no longer available cardio machines of any one type.