Get To Know Us – Martin and Marlane Tubridy

You will never see one without the other, Martin and Marlane Tubridy. While Martin parks the car, Marlane heads down to the Wellness Center and he joins her minutes later. They have been members of our Y since August and I have marveled at the obvious love and admiration they have for each other which is readily apparent…oftentimes you can see them huddled together at a table in the lobby, sharing a snack after a workout. But their romance extends far back to another time and place when their paths crossed in New York City.

They played the starring roles in an off-Broadway production of ‘Guys and Dolls,’ and, like their characters in the musical, Sarah and Sky, they fell in love and got married.

Marlane, originally from Ohio, is an accomplished musician, composer, singer, and educator. Martin, who was born and raised in Astoria, Queens, has a philosophy degree from Iona College. He studied classical music and has concertized in New York City’s coveted Carnegie Hall and Town Hall.

The Tubridys moved to pastoral Weston in 1987 to raise their children. Growing up, their kids were involved in the Y, working through their teens. Sean, now grown, is a Finance Director at the San Diego YMCA.

Together, they are adamant about giving back to the community. They formed the non-profit, Arts for the Community, which promotes live concerts and benefits local charities. In addition, they created the website, Faith Music Media, promoting original music and videos that are faith-based.

The couple finds the Y “a great place to pursue our goals for a healthier lifestyle. The experience has been incredibly positive vibrations from the moment you walk in the door to the helpful, friendly and supportive attitude of the staff in the fitness area. It is an honor to be part of it.”

It is our honor to have their family as part of our Y Family and proud to offer a place to strengthen relationships over multiple generations!

Every day, in thousands of places, each Y is serving a different us. In times of crisis, in times of need, and sometimes, just because.

Members like Marlane and Martin are committed to working together to strengthen our community and help build a better us.

The Y. For a better us.

Profile written by Midge Deverin.