Get To Know Us – Jennifer McDonald

“When I became a lifeguard instructor and then taught my own class, it really gave me a new perspective for just how important our job is. I train people on how to make sure all children are safe in the water.”

Jennifer McDonald knows that teaching children how to be safe around water is not a luxury; it is a necessity. Joining our team as the lifeguard coordinator allows her to watch over instructors and how they are teaching and shaping the potential of every child and swimmer in our pools.

When she first decided to join the YMCA movement, Jenn had only heard about the organization from others, including our Aquatics Director Jeff Bonaccorso. After touring the facility she knew that she was ready to take a chance and join in on something bigger than herself.

“Between teaching children and growing into one of the role models in our department, I have found my passion.”

The Y is known as “America’s Swim Instructor” and the most accessible community resource to prevent drowning and encourage a lifelong enjoyment of swimming. For Jenn, she says there have been many kids that have made an impact on her and why she loves teaching so much.

“Level 1 kids are my favorite. Many times they come to you and are afraid and unsure that first time they swim. But as soon as they get their first few feet in… they come up smiling and excited. It’s a great feeling to see how you can inspire confidence in someone.”

Jenn thinks that her impact on the Westport Weston Family YMCA comes from her exuberant and team-driven personality.

Outside of the Y, Jenn enjoys caring for her rabbit, being outside and traveling.

“I like to always live in the moment and enjoy each day!”

Every day, in thousands of places, each Y is serving a different us. In times of crisis, in times of need, and sometimes, just because.

Staff members like Jennifer are committed to working together to strengthen our community and help build a better us.

The Y. For a better us.