Westport Weston Family YMCA Indoor Triathlon

On Sunday, February 28, 2016, the Westport Weston Family YMCA held its 4th Annual Indoor Triathlon at the Bedford Family Center.  This was the second year the race took place at the Y’s new building, as it originated at the downtown location that the Y called home for over 90 years.

The event is made possible by a collaborative effort between the YMCA and Race Director, Robin Myers.  Myers has 14 years of experience organizing both indoor and outdoor triathlon around Fairfield County previously under the name “Team Mossman Events” and now operating as “Star Shine Events.”  To learn more about events coming up this summer, please visit www.starshineevent.com.

A triathlon consists of swimming, biking, and running a given distance and is typically held outside.  The individual who covers that distance in the fastest time is the winner, testing various aspects of physical fitness and mental fortitude along the way.

Indoor Tri 2016

Indoor Tri 2016


Rather than measuring the total time of the athletes, the Y Indoor Tri requires athletes to log as many laps in the pool in 15 minutes, cycle their highest average power output on the bike for 25 minutes, and run as many miles on a treadmill as possible in 20 minutes.  Unlike a traditional triathlon, transition times do not count.

The overall winner of the day was 34 year old Jason Mager, who secured a whopping 281 total points out of 300 between the disciplines.  Milly Wade-West, 25 was the overall winner for the female division with a collective score of 212.  Simon Ginsberg, 18 tied for 2nd place with Morten Kristiansen, 36 for the males.  2nd place for the females went to Amanda Fisher, 38 and Emily Schellhorn, 30 grabbed 3rd.

“I’d like to thank Jay Jaronko, Senior Program Director and Alexei Bachuretz, Health & Wellness Director, Y staff and volunteers for their exceptional support!” says Robin Myers.  “I’d like to especially mention Jim Conboy, our Bike Lead, for a Yeoman’s effort!”