Adventure Race Training Camp Returns April 25!

YMCA represents at Tough Mudder New England 2015!

Westport Weston Family YMCA represents at Tough Mudder New England 2015!

Adventure Race Training Camp is BACK and better than ever in 2016! Beginning at the start of our Spring 2 session (April 25), ARTC will kick off another 8-weeks of specialized small-group training for tackling your next adventure race and getting in amazing shape along the way!

Adventure racing has revolutionized the fitness industry in the past few years, as races like Tough Mudder, Spartan Race, Warrior Dash, and many others have come on scene. In any of these events, it’s not unusual to see competitors climbing over walls, under barbed wire, running through mud, tackling inclined monkey bars over freezing water, and even running through electrically-charged wires! Sound crazy? Well, maybe. But that hasn’t stopped 2.5 million people from participating – and that’s JUST at Tough Mudder!

So what’s the draw? The adrenaline of watching yourself and others complete Herculean feats of strength, stamina, and mental grit? The almost “addicting” training regimen? The new, leaner shape your body takes after undergoing such a program? Maybe it’s all of the above, because about 6 years after the first adventure races took off, there’s been no sign of the adventure racing craze slowing down.

Don’t care to compete? No problem! You’ll still benefit from some of the best, most affordable small-group training we offer all year long! Don’t wait, space is very limited! For more information, contact Alexei Bachuretz, Health & Wellness Director at or 203-571-6035.