Get in Shape for the Summer with the YMCA’s Free, Six-Week FitSTART Program

FitSTART photo

With the warm weather fast approaching now’s the time to take advantage of the Westport Weston Family YMCA’s free, 6-week guided fitness program, FitSTART.

FitSTART is a complimentary “starter” program offered to all current or NEW YMCA members ages 14 and older that’s designed to help you improve your health and wellness the RIGHT way.

Through simple and gradual instruction over six weekly sessions, a YMCA Wellness Coach will take you through a progressive program centered on nutrition, strength training, cardiovascular health and stress management techniques. The goal is simple: to improve a participant’s overall health and wellness.




  • A full-body strength equipment orientation
  • Basic and progressive nutritional guidelines to complement your exercise regimen
  • Introductions to various forms of cardiovascular exercise that emphasize maximal calorie burn and preserve vital muscle tissue
  • Various “challenges” to provide a mild to moderate push outside your comfort zone
  • Lifestyle modifications to help reduce stress and accelerate weight loss
  • A complimentary LF Connect account to track all of your exercise automatically!


  • An increase in lean muscle
  • A decrease in body fat
  • Improvement in mood
  • Reduced stress
  • A boost in confidence, self-image, motivation and so much more!

A full-body strength equipment orientation in the YMCA’s Wellness Center is included and performed on the first of your six FitSTART appointments. Each subsequent week is devoted to different tasks that you will be asked to complete between appointments.

“With each appointment, we are giving YMCA members the tools necessary to work out, eat healthier, reduce stress and ultimately lose weight on their own,” says Health & Wellness Director Alexei Bachuretz.

The second week of your FitSTART program focuses on encouraging you to complete a circuit of proscribed weight training exercises, including the Chest Press,  Row, Ab Crunch, Shoulder Press and Leg Press. After a review of your weekly nutrient timing log, your Y Wellness Coach will also discuss how to recognize and overcome the inevitable “Moment of Weakness” we all face in sticking to new exercise and dietary regimens.

“Is this six weeks of personal training? The answer is, ‘no,’ as we’re not taking a member through a specific workout. What we will do is share simple, gradual techniques to help you build a healthier you,” adds Alexei.

“We’ll challenge new members physically, nutritionally and encourage them to make lifestyle changes that will help in their efforts to reduce body fat and promote lean muscle growth.”

To become a Westport Weston Family YMCA member, contact Brian Marazzi, Membership Engagement Director, at 203-226-8981 or email

To sign up for FitSTART or to find out about other fitness options at the Westport Weston Family YMCA, from small group training to one-on-one workouts with a Certified Personal Trainer, contact the Wellness Desk at 203-228-8981 ext. 103 or email Alexei Bachuretz at